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Helping Families Through Cancer #weonlyliveonce

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It all started when…

So, this past year has been completely life-changing for our family...but we are now ready to move onwards and upwards. Justin and I both feel very passionately about helping others going through a similar situation. 
We were shocked at how little financial help there is out there for families like ours.

Justin works as a full time designer, and I purposely created a job that would fit around the children. Upon diagnosis, my income went as I (Fler Wright) had to stop my classes The Baby and Toddler Experience. Suddenly we were on our own. There was no help out there for us as I wasn't eligible....and knowing we didn't want others to go through it like we did, ignited a little flame inside our hearts - and thats how the idea all began. We hope to try and set up a charity to help families through cancer treatment. Its still in the very early stages, but we would love your help to try and get the ball rolling.

We love the acronym YOLO (you only live once) so we thought we'd change it to to WOLO - we only live once!

Life is a blessing and we need to enjoy it doing the things we love, with the ones we love.

We are looking for anyone who can offer a service to a family going through cancer treatment - whether it be a beauty treatment, childcare, legal service, counselling, gardening or a meal - literally anything! We hope to fund these through the charity - we don't expect you to offer them for free. We just want to build up the awareness of what we want to do and work with local businesses to help make a difference to the lives of local families going through cancer.

We would also like you to be able to nominate any families you think may benefit from our help. Please message us if you have someone in mind.

If anyone has any experience of charity work or registering a charity, we would love your help!

If you're interested in fundraising to help us to help local families, please get in touch.

Justin (AKA Designerwright) has been working on the new brand identity, and we'd like your input to see if you think we've got it right or if anything needs tweaking... please tell us! We’ve gone for a triangle as its the strongest shape. The L has been subtly made to look like a 1 - as ‘we only live once’. D’ya see what he did there - he’s so clever isn’t he?!

If you could start hashtagging #WOLO if you manage to snap a WOLO experience with your family, or if you see any inspiring posts/photos or quotes that would be fantastic! Follow our story on Facebook @wolofoundation Instagram @wolofoundation Twitter wolofoundation

Fler & Justin xx